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  • 14th February 2014

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

We have many stock offers that we are currently promoting.

  • Sheep suede – a beautiful mid weight suede at a stunning price which can be used for garment and footwear.
  • Assorted colours in our Special Lamb Nappa at an exceptional cost which is lovely for garment.
  • From a famous brand of tanner, we have the article Berkshire at half our usual price which is great for upholstery.
  • We have many special offers on limited stock items at hugely discounted prices.

Our range of Garment Leathers includes a huge range of colours and weights. Our Amalfi collection is still prominent and proving a huge success with leading designers. For the more discerning, our aniline range of Oregon is real luxury.

Due to the price hike we are reluctant to carry stocks of Merino and Toscana. We can order this for special customer requests only.

We do however; hold stocks of South American Merino as they are so competitive on price. Come in and take a look or call or email for your swatch today.

We still continue to stock familiar articles including Prairie, Mississippi, Novapelli and Cairngorm. If you have colours that you need please ask and we will try to accommodate your order provided the quantities are large enough.

Stretch Leathers are still important and we have many colours in different finishes.

We also have new colours in Veg-Tanned lamb as well as Veg-Tanned sheep skins for upholstery, footwear and leather goods with a weight of 1.2/1.4mm. Stretch leather is still featuring strongly and we have large stocks in many colours in both Lamb Nappa and Suede’s.

We also have available Printed Cowhide with Crocodile, Ostrich and Lizard prints featuring particularly for the upholstery and handbag trades. We currently have in stock printed Cowhides with Flower and Exotic prints. We have a new range of Stingray prints on veal skins that prove a good size for belts.

We are still stocking all varieties of metallic leathers, including soft cowhide, cow splits, lamb and pigskin. These still continue to sell well and we are constantly extending our range. We have arriving a new supply of competitively priced cow with a metallic finish ideal for upholstery. Distressed leathers are featuring for all trades and we offer many varieties in this field. Please ask for Novapelli, Scratch or Majestic samples.

For the interior designer we regularly stock new and innovative leathers at the most competitive prices. Our range of skins reflects our interior based focus. We currently have a new range of skin from a leading supplier for interior and upholstery leather that we can offer on a one skin basis at competitive prices.

We are able to supply from single skins to substantial quantities to the interior design industry. Our business is firmly established with many major leading retailers for whom we supply skins for the interiors of their worldwide outlets.

We have hair on rugs with either natural or exotic prints available in many unusual types of finishes.

Please enquire about all of these by calling, emailing or please pop in.

Due to the increase in raw material prices we are having difficulties in maintaining prices. We can only hold our offer for 30 days, after which we will have to re-quote


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